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Air Con Regas

We can efficiently and thoroughly regas your aircon sytem whether it is R134a or the newer R1234YF refrigerant.

Book a regas with us and get free UV dye included so that should your AC system develop a future leak it can be found quickly and easily by us.

Regassing AC systems takes between 40 minutes to an hour to complete properly, you are welcome to wait while we complete your re gas.

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Air Con Diagnostics & Leak Testing

Air con not working as well as it should? Had a re-gas and it's still not working? Many garages that claim to 'do ac' struggle with ac diagnosis once it's found that a regas is not the cure.

Why not come to the garage that has all of the expertise to diagnose and fix your ac system quickly, efficiently & properly?

All of our work is backed by a minimum of 12 months warranty.

Give us a call on 01386 765168 today or use the form to book an appointment.

Air Con Repairs You Can Rely On

At Motorvation we don't just regas air con systems, we offer a full range of air conditioning servicing, repairs (including pipe repairs), advanced leak testing and performance diagnosis - all at amazing prices.

Save time and hassle - let our fully F Gas qualified technicians get straight to the root of your air conditioning problem.

All of our work is backed by a minimum of 12 months warranty.

Give us a call on 01386 765168 today for free aircon advice or a free estimate.

Why Do I Need A Regas?

Air con systems lose around 8-10% of their refrigerant annually. Eventually the system will stop working due to a lack of refrigerant pressure. However, Your AC system will become inefficient long before that. We suggest a re-gas every 3-4 years to keep your system in tip top condition.

What Is A Regas?

When we perform a refrigerant regas, we first carry out a refrigerant identification test before recovering any remaining refrigerant from your AC system. The refrigerant is then filtered and cleaned of any debris & oil.The AC system is vaccuumed for around 30-40 minutes to remove any moisture before finally your AC system is refilled with the correct amount of refrigerant, oil and UV dye.

Why Do You Perform A Refrigerant Identification Test?

Because refrigerant is drawn into our AC service machine for cleaning & storage etc it is important that only pure refrigerant of the correct type is present in the system being worked on. If not this can cause contamination of all future AC regasses performed. Because we perform this test you can be sure that your AC system is only ever filled with the correct, clean & pure refrigerant for your vehicle.

What is R134a and R1234YF?

R134a and R1234YF are the two main refrigerants used in modern vehicles. R134a is the most common at the moment but it is now obsolete - it's about 1400 times more damaging to the enviroment than CO2. Because of it's demise the cost of R134a has risen dramatically over the last few years (around 400% between 2017 and 18 in fact!). New vehicles (2016-ish onwards) are mostly now fitted with R1234YF refrigerant. This is a new gas and is more expensive than R134a but the price gap is gradually decreasing. Because R1234YF can become combustible in certain circumstances some vehicle manufacturers were reluctant to adopt it & this has led to the use of Carbon Dioxide as a refrigerant in some high end vehicles. We service and repair both R134a and R1234YF systems but we don't do CO2 based systems at present due to a lack of demand - watch this space though!

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